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About Us

Worldwide Immigration & Business Firm

Worldwide Immigration & Business Firm (WWIBF) believes that you need assistance before submitting applications for Immigration, Citizenship, or Business establishment. In such cases, it is crucial to hire the services of a qualified and licensed lawyer capable of presenting cutting-edge legal arguments for successful outcomes.

With over 35 years of proven experience, WWIBF excels in finding and collaborating with the right senior immigration lawyers globally. Our team possesses the knowledge, experience, and compassion to handle specific cases for desired destinations. Our lawyers adhere to strict compliance and disciplined processes by their respective law societies, boasting thousands of satisfied clients worldwide.

Why Choose a Lawyer for Immigration Cases?

"You wouldn't seek a general physician for a heart issue; you'd consult a Cardiologist!"

Choosing a lawyer with skilled immigration expertise is essential. You need someone well-versed in the “why” behind the “how to,” capable of dealing with complexities and staying updated on immigration laws. Trusting your family’s future to an experienced lawyer is paramount.


The digital age offers information, but precise answers are often elusive. Here are ten reasons to consider WWIBF:

The stakes are high:
Beyond money, time and energy are invested, and future plans are on hold.

Immigration and Business Regulations are complex; mistakes can lead to repeated processes.

Interview Waiver:
Increase the chance of waiver by providing additional, undocumented information.

WWIBF acts as your personal ‘Legal Department,’ providing comfort and expertise.

Special Issues:
Past convictions, medical problems, and other sensitive topics require trained lawyers.

Shortage of Time:
WWIBF commits time to your immigration and corporate needs, allowing you to focus elsewhere.

Navigating the Bureaucracy:
Government agencies can be complex; WWIBF navigates the maze for you.

Multicultural Sensitivity:
Immigration and Corporate law require sensitivity to diverse cultures; WWIBF embraces the challenge.

WWIBF is the right choice for legal assistance in various business situations.

Competitive legal fees payable in installments; the cost of failure is higher.

Contact WWIBF to embark on your dreams with excellent and painless services.​